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HANDS UP - Erlebnis Stille

HANDS UP - Erlebnis Stille, Wien

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HANDS UP is an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a gentle, exciting and humorous journey into the world of silence.

During your visit to the exhibition rooms – alone or guided by Deaf guides – you are insulated from the world of sound. Interacting with your guide or your fellow visitors, you quickly learn how much you can understand or explain without using your voice.

The rooms in the basement of the Schottenstift always have a pleasant temperature and provide a good opportunity to escape the heat in summer and the icy wind in winter.

Veranstalter: equalizent Schulungs- und Beratungs GmbH

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HANDS UP - Erlebnis Stille

Blumauergasse 6 / 2. Hof 1. Stock
1020 Wien

ticket hotline: +43 1 58885

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