A1 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championships

Monday, May 31st, 2021 – save the date! At 12 noon, tickets go on sale for the A1 CEV EuroBeachVolley Vienna 2021, which will take place from August 11-15. The preparation for the summer highlight thus enters the decisive phase.

From Wednesday, August 11, to Sunday, August 15, the European beach volleyball elite will meet in Vienna to crown their European champions. For this purpose, the spectacular Red Bull Beach Arena is being built in the heart of the Danube metropolis on the grounds of Vienna's Heumarkt, which – due to the special circumstances – will promise visitors safe fun and a sensational atmosphere.

A first tranche of tickets for the highlight of the summer is available from Monday, May 31st, from 12 noon at wien-ticket.at – for security reasons available in packages of four only. These are box seats for Day Sessions as well as Night Sessions, at prices between 20 and 60 euros. Further tickets will go on sale as soon as more details on the governmental regulations and the maximum permitted spectator capacity are known. Therefore, there are no Side Court tickets available yet, as long as it is necessary to allocate the seats by name.

Further tickets will go on sale as soon as more details about the legal requirements and the maximum capacity of spectators are known. Up-to-date information is available on the website of the European Beach Championships www.beachvolleyball.at and on the social media channels.

Due to the current Corona regulations, tickets for the side courts on the Danube Island are currently not available - as long as a named seat allocation is necessary.

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 11 and 12, 2021, the domestic top teams and their group matches will be in focus. On these Austrian days, the support of the red-white-red beach community is especially important! On Wednesday there will be 6 matches with Austrian participation (3 per session). Thursday we are all in red-white-red with 90% of the matches with Austrian teams!

Prices incl. VAT. (Box seats) via wien-ticket.at:

Wednesday (Austria Day)                  Day Session: € 20,-; Night Session: € 25,-
Thursday (Austria Day)                       Day Session: € 25,-; Night Session: € 35,-
Friday                                                            Day Session: € 30,-; Night Session: € 40,-
Saturday                                                       Day Session: € 30,-; Night Session: € 45,-
Sunday                                                           Final Session: € 60,-


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Location: Heumarkt, 1030 Vienna