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Brother Firetribe / One Desire

European Co-Headline Tour 2022

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Directly out of Helsinki, Finland, best known for their catchy, energetic, melodic and uplifting songs, BROTHER FIRETRIBE and ONE DESIRE are back and ready to tour Europe!

To finally celebrate Brother Firetribe´s highly acclaimed album “FEEL THE BURN”(2020) and the long awaited release of One Desire´s LIVE ALBUM(2020), this two melodic rock superpowers joined forces and are ready to take you on a melodic rock adventure throughout the entire evening!

”We are really happy that we can finally hit the road with our friends and play all over the Europe” Brother Firetribe frontman Pekka Heino states happily, as the pandemic wiped out their last touring schedules!

”Basically after ”FEEL THE BURN” release there has been only several gigs and it is so great that finally we can see our friends and fans all over the Europe.”, he adds.

”Exactly” continues One Desire frontman Andre Linman.
”We’ve been looking this opportunity to hit the road together for a good time and finally we are really that we can announce this tour.”

Supported by the also finnish Rockers of Stråle, this evening is a MUST for all fans of Melodic Rock!!!

Get ready to rock and get your tickets now.

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Veranstalter: Vereinigte Österreichische Musikförderer V.Ö.M.

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Hauffgasse 26
1110 Wien

Tickethotline: +43 1 58885

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