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Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

+ Bølzer und Molassess

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TRIBULATION comment on the tour as follows: "Now at summer's end in the near endless year of trials and tribulations that is 2020, after a touring hiatus and a new album in the, so called, bag we are very happy to announce that we are yet again about to trek across the ancient body of Europa – over her flesh and through her veins – the land where the sun ever sets. And as fortunate as we sometimes are we will have both BØLZER and MOLASSESS aiding us in spreading the gloom in each of the 20 cities we are visiting. At this point we all need a little taste of Saturnalia and as so we encourage you all to join us in taking a step into the time before time, in illo tempore, and a step out of the profane everyday existence. Be open and let us possess you, at least for a night!"

BØLZER checked in as well with the following comment: “Being presented with an opportunity to travel and perform again, furthermore in the esteemed company of our friends TRIBULATION and MOLASSESS, leaves us feeling nothing shy of honoured and indeed privileged. Should the fates show themselves to be merciful, attendees can expect the emotive opening of Pandora's box...”

And MOLASSESS added: "Although times are anything but certain, the prospect of illuminating Europe with two strong allies in TRIBULATION and BØLZER stirs our hearts and charges us to move forward. Let’s hope our paths will be cleared and we can move beyond our first ever performance alongside this pack.

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Veranstalter: Vereinigte Österreichische Musikförderer V.Ö.M.

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Hauffgasse 26
1110 Wien

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